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Stolperstein für Lina Friedmann
© Johann-Hinrich Möller

Lina Friedmann (née Blecher) * 1894

Schulterblatt 24 (Altona, Sternschanze)

JG. 1894
ERMORDET 5.1.1941

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Bruno Niemann, Adolf Gustav Ziebarth

Lina Friedmann, née Blecher, born 14 Aug. 1894 in Silali, Lithuania, death by suicide at the Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp, 5 Jan. 1941

Schulterblatt 24

Little can be said of Lina Friedmann’s life, since no details other than a few dates have been found. Absurdly, it is her death certificate that gives us what little information we have. Lina Friedmann, née Blecher, was Jewish, born on 14 August 1894 in Silali, a small village in western Lithuania. She probably came to Hamburg after 1939, since she is not listed as a resident of St. Pauli or Hamburg in the census of 17 May 1939.

According to her death certificate, she was not employed and lived at Schulterblatt 24, House 6. This plain building was part of a courtyard complex that was called "St. Pauli Garden Apartments” in the 1941 Address Book, but which no longer exists.

Lina Blecher married Adolf Friedmann, who was also Jewish. No other details about him are known. The date of and reasons for her imprisonment at the Fuhlsbüttel Concentration Camp cannot be documented. It is likely that no one will ever know if and under what circumstances Lina Friedmann chose to take her life on 5 January 1941, as is stated on her death certificate, or if she was driven to her death. Only the urn interred at the Ilandkoppel Jewish Cemetery and the Stolperstein at Schulterblatt 24 remain as lasting memorials to the fact that Lina Friedmann did not survive the era of National Socialism in Hamburg.

Translator: Amy Lee

Kindly supported by the Hermann Reemtsma Stiftung, Hamburg.

© Gunhild Ohl-Hinz

Quellen: 1; 4; 5; 8; ITS/ARCH/Gruppe PP, Ordner 361, Seite 96; AB 1941; Diercks, Gedenkbuch, 1987, S. 21. Quelle Abbildung: ITS.
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