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Sara Senta Kohn (née Polack) * 1893

Rendsburger Straße 14 (Hamburg-Mitte, St. Pauli)

JG. 1893
ERMORDET 6.9.1942

further stumbling stones in Rendsburger Straße 14:
Siegfrid Denny Kohn

Denny Siegfried Kohn, born 8 Dec. 1885 in Vienna, deported 19 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, deported onward to Auschwitz 6 Oct. 1944, date of death unknown
Senta Kohn, née Polack, widowed Pohle, born 21 Oct. 1893 in Hamburg, deported 19 July 1942 to Theresienstadt, died there 6 Sept. 1942

Rendsburger Straße 14

The window cleaner Denny Kohn, born in Vienna, and his wife Elsa, née Rektor, had two daughters, Sophia, born in 1908, and Julie, born in 1909 in Vienna. From 1927 at the latest the family lived in Hamburg, first in Neustadt, later at various addresses in St. Pauli. Elsa Kohn died in 1934. In 1941 Denny Kohn married the widow Senta Pohle, née Polack. Before the couple was forced to move into the "Jewish house" at Schlachterstraße 47, they lived at Rendsburger Straße 14. On 19 July 1942 they were deported to Theresienstadt where Senta Kohn died a few weeks later on 6 Sept. 1942. Denny Kohn was deported to Auschwitz on 6 Oct. 1944, together with 1,550 other people, and probably killed the same day.

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