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Emil Mirabeau
© Eva Kienzle

Emil Mirabeau * 1872

Sierichstraße 153 (Hamburg-Nord, Winterhude)

JG. 1872

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Emil Mirabeau, born on 25 Mar. 1872 in Bruchsal, died on 15 July 1942 in Hamburg (suicide)

Emil Mirabeau was the son of Isaac Mirabeau and his wife Rosalie, née Kallmann. We do not know when he came from Bruchsal to Hamburg and what occupation he practiced. He was unmarried and became a member of the Hamburg Jewish Community in 1935, with an entry reading "no indication of religion.” By this time, persons classified as Jews for "racial” reasons were not yet compelled to join a community. From 1937 until 1942, Emil Mirabeau paid relatively high dues, ranging from 215 to 322 RM (reichsmark), the latter amount in the year of his death, 1942. On the tax card of the Community, the occupation originally indicated was "retiree” (in 1935, Emil Mirabeau was 63 years old), but subsequently this was crossed out and replaced with an entry reading "Leonar-Werke Wandsbek.” (The Leonar Works Arndt & Löwengard, whose owners were Jewish, produced cameras and photographic paper.)

In the 1930s, Emil Mirabeau lived as a subtenant at Capellenstrasse 14 (today Ellmenreichstrasse) in St. Georg, later at Blumenstrasse 37, and in the very end at Sierichstrasse 153. This place accommodated numerous Jewish persons in very cramped conditions after the loss of their homes until their deportations (see also Friedmann, Luca, Guttmann, Schneeroff).

On 15 July 1942, Emil Mirabeau took his own life. His name appeared in a handwritten addition to the person list for the transport departing for Theresienstadt that same day.

Translator: Erwin Fink

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