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Agnes Offenstadt (née Dreyer) * 1881

Rothenbaumchaussee 73 (Eimsbüttel, Rotherbaum)

1942 Theresienstadt
ermordet am 4.1.1943

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Agnes Offenstadt, born 19 Jan. 1881, deported 15 July 1942 to Theresienstadt where she died on 4 Jan. 1943

Agnes Offenstadt was married to Leo Offenstadt, managing director of Privaten Hamburger Telefongesellschaft. The couple had two married daughters, Flori and Edith, who immigrated to Sao Paulo and France in 1939. The Offenstadts lived in Hohen Bleichen, on Isestraße and at Rothenbaumchausee 83 before they were forced to move into the "Jewish house” at Beneckestraße 4/6.

In Jan. 1941 Agnes Offenstadt had endeavored to leave Germany. She deposited jewelry and silverware that was to be converted into currency, however her attempts to emigrate failed. Agnes and Leo Offenstadt were deported, one shortly after the other, from their home at Rothenbaumchausee 73 to the Theresienstadt ghetto (15 and 19 July 1942).

The Jewish doctor Rudolf Borgzinner had to claim his unpaid fee of 82 RM from the regional tax office director. At that time the Offenstadts lived at L 425, one of the overcrowded small buildings on the main street of the ghetto. Leo Offenstadt suffered from severe skin inflammation caused by erysipelas. The couple committed suicide the same day on 4 Jan. 1943 with sleeping pills. The obituary identifies Agnes Offenstadt’s brother Arthur Dreyer as her survivor. He died on 24 Feb. 1943.

Translator: Suzanne von Engelhardt
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